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Yeah I know I’ve been really lazy with the blog, in fact I’ve been lazy on Niteflirt as well, or have I? I’ve been out and about with my hot big cock boyfriend Mr Big relaxing in a house we rented in Santa Barbra in the mountains that guess who paid for… You geeks! It’s amazing how many of you little foot fetish losers have been messaging me begging to see my hot feet whining in that pathetic sissy voice “Ohh Mandy please please cram your toes in my face”. DickbagMcRocker rocked my socks right off literally when he begged to lay $2000 at my feet. I made dickbag lay out $200 for each perfectly painted toe shellacked in OPI Lincoln park After Dark. I had on my Juicy Couture knee highs so it was going to take a few minutes to get those off into full pedi fetish heaven. Hold onto your cock losers here comes my perfect foot.. After the 2G was layed out at my Princess feet I shoved my foot right into the losers virtual sorry ass mouth and gave him a gourmet elite treat. I’m really in the mood to expand my sneaker collection, time to get on my wishlist. CashpigLA called my boyfriend and I for $50 a min for a good 30 min just to be able to have the chance to pay for his birthday spa overnighter. I’m such a spoiled bitch and you freaky fetish dong heads feed my greedy needs!
Happy New Year!

Mandy In Country

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