Hot Dog Bun Boy Shrimp Dick Returns

A couple years ago I had an encounter with this young submissive nerd on Niteflirt. He was eager to please me in any way that I could think up possible. After I had gotten him to get on his web cam I saw what was seriously one of the most tiny peckers I have ever seen in my life. I was almost getting nauseous when I realized that his tiny dick could only extend to about 3 inches and it looked like that was even pushing it. I think our first encounter was Summer and I had bbq parties on my mind. Naturally I look at a tiny tic dick like and think finger food pig in a blanket. I had made this loser into my what was a very popular picture at one time the “Bun Boy” and here I received an email from his “fiancĂ©” enjoy…..

“Hi. You dont know me, and im not even sure if you remember my current fiance. Anyway, a long while ago, from what he told me, he called you and you made him get a hotdog roll and some ketchup and make a hot dog with his little dick. If you dont remember him, you can disregard this message, if you do remember, i want to thank you, if not for that picture i found on his computer a couple weeks ago, i would have never known he enjoyed being humiliated for his lack of size in the penis department, and although i only found out a couple weeks ago, ive already enjoyed tormenting him and have even had him trying to find me a real man. So again Thank you very much. Without you, he probably would have kept the secret of being degraded to himself. That is hysterical. I obviously knew he was small, but i never knew he loved to be humiliated for it. Again thank you, and hey, if you ever need some new pics of him for your blog, let me know, ill make him do it. Ok, i know you are making some money, so i dont want to bother you anymore. Your blog is amazing. Im new to all this, and i never knew there were that many pathetic men out there lol.”

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