Losers Flock All The Way From Italy

My bare feet romped from Los Angeles too Italy today and trampled out Luca’s wallet right into my brand new pedicure coated with a sexy pink by OPI. I have this near impossible to understand babbler from Italy calling with this sorry ass whimper and crying voice. As luca cry’s I make him say horrible things about his now ex-girlfriend. She’s now and ex thanks to me. Foot fetish loser boy sat and watched as my soft toes pressed the send key as I made him pay me a $100 pay per view on Niteflirt for shaming his ex and his family. Luca begged me to stop making him repeat the vulgar yet hysterical insults but I continued. There was only one way to get me to stop. I pointed and flexed as my feet brought my Italian weak cry baby to his daily limit. My sexy feet drain another loser yet again.

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