Obama Blue Sky’s And Stunning Chocolate Suede Platforms For Princess

I hope everyone had a fantastic election time, I know I did. I’ll be taking calls from Chicago for the next few days. I knew thing’s were going to be bright and blue Obama sky’s when another stunning pair of Michael Kors suede chocolate brown platforms arrived into my life.  My shoe slave up North had been  begging for my attention non stop over yahoo IM for days and of course I was doing something better like sipping tea and quite frankly, just not in the mood for it.  After surfing the net I came across these stunning Kors platforms and knew I had to have them.  Like clockwork, I log into yahoo and who’s sending me messages but this time I responded. I said “I want these (insert link to shoes) and if I don’t get them I’m not talking to you”. Within a few moments came a screen grab of the receipt and saw that I was once again getting what I want.

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