Piggy Goes Postal For Mandy Laugh At A Shrimp Dick

Wow it seems like fall will never hit Los Angeles it’s been so hot, but that’s not a bad thing, I can still wear all my open toe shoes and flip flops to entice and seduce all those toe sluts out there who love to pamper my cute perfect feet. Ring ring ring what’s that I hear? Is that the postman or is that the good humor truck? It’s a little of both it’s the postman ready to bring me some serious humor.  The cam calling dipshit was eager to please me and do whatever I said to make a total cock mock of his loser self.  I wanted him to get a sexy pair of panties from his wife’s drawer and look what he comes back with. Look at what is suppose to be sexy ..his wife really has shit taste and um could she be less sexy?  Here he is with his un sexy panties on and what is that but a 3 inch loser dicklet HAHAHAHAH Oh look at that thing do you think he has ever gotten his wife off with his pinky dick?

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One Response to “Piggy Goes Postal For Mandy Laugh At A Shrimp Dick”

  1. Mandy's Pantie Postal Worker Says:

    I have to say the camera doesn’t lie, yes I’m a Shrimp Dick Loser. But Mandy is so sexy and wow her pictures are so hot I get so caught up with what shes asks of me I forget she will flip it all around on me and do this, She has now asked for me to buy her things so she doesn’t have to go out and get them. Shes given me a list of items that might be for her or they might not be for her but she wants them and what Mandy wants Mandy gets. She says that if I want to be part of her world I need to do this or she will make a music slide show and put it on You Tube under “pussy postal worker” so all can see. So if you see it you will know I have fucked up. Mandy is so clever and smart I think this is why I call her and end up wearing my wifes panties. God where do I go from here.

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